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We are a family owned business and proud of it!

Have you ever thought about having your own personal or business website? MandS can help you build your dream website that will give your business a chance to grow and spread out the word about services you are offering. On the other hand, make a personal website to show off your life.

MandS will make sure that everything is done completely the way you want it and in a timely manner, so you can start showing off your website as soon as possible! Email us and tells us what you have in mind and we will give you a price that nobody can beat!

MandS specializes in but not limited to the following below:

Web Page Design, Web Site Design, personal blogs, ecommerce sites, business sites, wedding and family blogs, graphic design for businesses including logos, business cards, pamphlets, flyers, brochures, and MandS provides professional website designs and Web page design that helps your online business work and we can creative a unique website, at an affordable price.

What will you need is the following:

First, you will need to contract with a Web hosting service to host your Web site. You will also need to secure a domain name. The Web hosting service can help with this for a small annual fee. You will then need to organize your site, drawing the projected components out on paper, leaving room for future expansion. You will need to obtain any images that will be used on your site, if they are not your own do you have the necessary permission to use them. You will then need to create some text to clearly describe what your site is about. Think about why people would want to visit your site and promote those ideas, then we will do the rest.


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